About Debtorinfo Limited

In 1996 while delivering a seminar on credit management to a large trade group we were asked to develop a quick, legal, and inexpensive way for their members to improve their cashflow, collect their debts, keep late payment and interest charges, pay no commission, and share information about their customers who did not pay their bills with their colleagues in business.

And that's what we did and it has worked well for 20 years.

In that time we have built up a large and diverse customer base who have supplied the information that has enabled us to build a credible database of the payment habits and trends of individuals and businesses.

Our clients pay us a small monthly subscription for unlimited access to this resource and a raft of others including business compliance documentation, health and safety documentation, and other documents, forms and information critical to running a successful business.

We have now added to that database four web sites that provide information systems and forms:

The services that we provide to our subscribers include:

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