How It Works

In the many years since we've been providing business services to our customers we have accumulated an impressive range of features that make it easy for you to get your cashflow and compliance issues sorted. Below are a number of services that we provide.

Getting paid on time

It is no accident that some companies always get paid on time while others don’t. Our first service to our subscribers is to help them improve their cash flow; we have a very clever system that puts our subscribers on the top of their clients list to be paid.

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Health & Safety

We supply a personalised Health and Safety manual for offices, workshops, factories, shops, warehouses etc. which enables our subscribers and their staff to get started on the task of ensuring Health and Safety systems are put in place and monitored.

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Terms of Trade

Ever wondered why some companies are always secured creditors in a Receivership and perhaps you are not? The answer is that unsecured creditors neglect to get permission from the client or simply don’t register; this is a major focus of the service we provide our subscribers.

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We often get asked to collect a debt from someone who paid some of the account and promised to pay the balance later, but didn’t. We supply you with a library of letters, documents and forms to cover every contingency you may need to address, including deferred payments.

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Credit Rating

We designed a system twenty years ago that enables access to bad debtor information easily to stop them going from one business to another. In that time we have saved a whole range of business groups hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating credit risk.

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A raft of other services

Running a business is supposed to be fun and profitable but sadly for many it is not. We provide many services to bring your business into the 21st century. It is reassuring to know that you are using the same system and processes that are used by hundreds of other business.

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