Have you been contacted by us?

We provide credit management solutions to our subscribers, and one of those solutions is the delivery and follow up of letters demanding payment for outstanding debts. These letters are a last stop measure and must be treated seriously as not tending to one of these letters will result in not only increasing late payment and debt recovery fees, but also your credit rating will be degraded and will impact your ability to receive credit with any one of our subscribers.

If your account is not in dispute and you would like to pay it off the get started immediately by following the instructions in the letter. We encourage debtors to put an automatic payment in place and also realise that these regular payments need to be financially manageable to you, and acceptable to the company that you owe money to.

Right now the very best thing to do is communicate - contact the company involved to seek a solution. Ignoring the letter will result in legal action.

If you have received a letter from us and you believe this is in error then please contact us immediately and we can help.

Have you been contacted by Debtorinfo?

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